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Ponies in My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic reproduce sexually, so where are their genitalia? Pound and Pumpkin Cake were born, but through where? From what's shown you'd think they were like Barbie dolls, but we know for a fact that that's not the case.

But why? Where are their vulvae? Their penises? How do they poop? How do they suckle? If these questions keep you up at night like they do me, join the Pony Plot Perfection Project. Our stated mission is to edit the episodes so that the characters are more anatomically complete, with their genitalia, anuses, and teats all right where they belong.

This is not a sexual project, but anyone who wants to is free to become a Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant. Even if you lack artistic skills, you can still help on the artistic or management sides, or even just with recruitment through the Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant Pursuit.

Progress updates will mainly be taking place at our blog, the Pony Plot Perfection Project Periodical:

This is where we will be posting updates, as well as imbedding the official Perfect Plot Productions. As of 04/27/2012, we are still in the Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant Pursuit phase, but once we have enough Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participants, we can move on to the Pony Plot Perfection Project Planning Process and start assigning roles, developing a strategy, scheduling, and so on.

After we have completed the Pony Plot Perfection Project Planning Process, we will start work on our Primary Product, a short proof-of-concept clip to show people we mean business and give us momentum going into creating the full Perfect Plot Productions.

Anyone who is interested in helping us and becoming a Perfectly Proud Pony Plot Perfection Project Participant can contact us here, on the Pony Plot Perfection Project Periodical, or through our email at ponyplotperfectionproject[at]gmail[dot]com.
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Apr 27, 2012


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People, my principles have persistently pestered me, and presently I perceive that I must post a pronouncement.

I politely profess that in my previous proclamations I have been perfidious. The PPPP is not a plainly proper pursuit of pictorial progress. Per contra, it is not prurient pursuit to pornographically pervert previously pure ponies. The Pony Plot Perfection Project was a premeditated ploy to pester and peeve. By provoking and perturbing plenty of puritanically prudish people, I procured plenty of personal pleasure.

Pitiably, the persistent pecking of my principles has put me in a predicament, and I am pressed to post this proclamation. I am presently palliating my perfidious past because I am penitent for my peccancy.

Pony Plot Perfection Project perishes posthaste.
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001lol100 Mar 26, 2014
Let uncle ED tell you a story. One day, a bunch of greasy nerdsacks were dicking around on here, and, due to their enormous girth, developed their own wretched gravitational field. Soon, the sickfuckery congealed into a mass of writhing, squirming, fat. And this gigantic lump of filthy Basement dweller said: "You know whats weird about characters in a little girl's show? They don't have genitalia we can masturbate to!" So the people trapped within its folds set to work on this abomination. And they called themselves, pony plot perfection participants. But you'll never guess what happened next. The horsefuckers actually thought that this was terrible! Drawing vaginas on talking horses from a little girl's show? Never! Why they would think such a thing baffles zoologists to this very day. But, the project goes on. Currently, it is unknown if the vaginas are currently being drawn, or if they are being masturbated to, But one thing is for sure. These faggots are absolutely the sickest of fucks.
This is fucking horrifying please don't do this you all are sick jfc
PainisCupcaek Jan 30, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
>"But why? Where are their vulvae? Their penises? How do they poop? How do they suckle? If these questions keep you up at night like they do me"
>not done for sexual reasons
>keeps you up at night

PhilosipherMonkey Jan 31, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
Uh,let me tell you something here bro. Please don't hate me for this:

You can't really make this "dream" come true. You know why? This is something that would never EVER get to be shown on The Hub. It's meant for 5-8 year olds. If they actually drew this kind of stuff, It'd be blocked by the FCC, and there is also a chance it'll be later leaked on the internet and the series (as well as some of the Brony Community) would have to shut down for good and everybody would hate you badly. Then it'd end in a disaster somehow just because you put a single pussy on Berry Punch. That means there'd be no need for the PPPP anymore. And we don't want that to happen, do we now? So you gotta give up for the good of bronydom. You have been warned.

Regards and Regrets, PhilosipherMonkey.
PainisCupcaek Jan 31, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Did you even read what I said?
I am not a part of this project, and I was insulting the whole concept.
PhilosipherMonkey Jan 31, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
Just like the likers say: If you don't like it, leave it.
(1 Reply)
PhilosipherMonkey Jan 26, 2014  New member Student Traditional Artist
:motherofgodpls: This operation was run by a delusional assclown that should be in an asylum.Don't take it that I'm trolling, it's just that....
I like your reproduction theory and all, but putting dicks and pussies in a kids show is a sick idea, even if theres so much r34 that it makes sense.

Don't flame me pls, I'm just saying.

Can I add that if you want anatomy-correct ponies, the eyes should be reduced greatly, the mains should grow along the neck rather than acting like human hair and the snout should be bigger rather than looking like round noses. Yeah. Didn't think about that too. 

Possible troll but I just wanted to say this to add a point against this sexual-project-in-denial.
This is what happens when bronies go too far. -_-
Cetaceaphile Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heh... Massive fail. 

Absolutely nothing funny happened because of this at all. Back in my day people used to do things like this and make it funny, but the only funny thing that has come of this is a highly mediocre ED page and a couple of insane morality police condemnations. 

Telling furries that their main rape headquarters was going to be turned into a pony site; that was extremely funny, but this, this is just sad. 

Lots of effort for no lulz. Try harder next time. 
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